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Can people get stuck beyond the pale?

July 15, 2010

He asked. I supposed it was so. That some poor soul would search for a path leading to the pale. But mostly I think those who stay beyond the pale are likely to not want to return. There must be enough confounding variables at work to determine their whereabouts. It is not Oz out there, although it may be bright.

Typically, confounding variables that determine one’s leaving of the pale emerge from physical circumstance and psychological craving.  Rarely does one find herself beyond the pale, wishing to return to the pale with no way to go there. In most cases, when one physically leaves the pale, he or she has subconsciously been longing to venture beyond, and when one is beyond the pale, if he or she decides to return to the pale (see also: Scapegoat boomeranging), the path appears.  In some instances, highly catastrophic scenarios may propel a person, animal, or object beyond the pale when no subconscious or conscious desire directs the individual to roam there. See also: shipwreck, hostages, drugs that deprave. Those trapped beyond the pale may be lucky enough to encounter a Hero, who will gladly transport them to the pale. Those less fortunate wander the beyond alone and often become madmen or in some cases conceal themselves in Yard Waste permanently.

– dispatch from beyond the pale.

We are still living in kingdoms, and the pales are still ever so sharp.

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