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Findings July 2010

July 17, 2010

Sunglasses sold at Pilot gas stations demonstrate consistently poor quality.  Both Tara Jill and Adam turned onto 84 West while driving on 84 East when they were supposed to be going East.  Adam did this twice.  Tara Jill admitted doing this, but Adam would not; Michael told her that Adam turned onto 84 West twice. There are many similarities and differences between Pennsylvania and New York State. There are many similarities and differences between Tara Jill and Adam.  Chemical Trails look like clouds. Dad does not want to hear the words “new” and “refrigerator” in the same sentence ever again. The people who live in the Tarsi’s old house formed a rock and roll band and held band practice before lighting off fireworks. Someone we know suffered a horrible tragedy. Lupe likes Michael but will bite him three times if he goes in her house while her puppies are in there with her. Lupe remembers that her stuffed animals are in the basement and that we sleep down there. Mom does not share Ciccarone DNA but has absorbed enough of it over the years to be demented. Nobody with Ciccarone DNA appears capable of listening to a guest say “goodnight.”  Adam and Michael do not remember a white shed.  Mom does not remember Gaza swimming in the pool in lime green spandex bikini bottoms.  An earthquake in Virginia made Tara Jill have a nightmare and fall down in the shower.  Cigarette smoking causes cancer of the kidneys. The References feature on MS Word 2010 is not correct. The Poconos are not mentioned the Beach Boys’ Kokomo lyrics.  The tropical destination, Kokomo, is nothing like The Poconos.  Tara Jill still cannot hear lyrics accurately, but is no longer confused about the run-down, untropical nature of The Poconos.  The truck stop in The Poconos still sells key chains with Lupe’s name on them.  James does not drink coffee after 5 pm and refuses it when Mom offers it to him at 10:30 pm. Tara Jill has to rewrite her Last Will and Testament because she no longer possesses 4,000 to establish a trust fund to pay for Josh Demby’s medical and rehabilitation and dental costs.  Matthew Johnson has not been calling anyone besides Tara Jill. Mom will never get used to the new refrigerator.

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