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Blackbirds, murder of.

January 2, 2011

blackbirds, murder of.

Occasionally, entire communities may psychologically or physically leave the pale in pandemonium. The mass exodus of a city or town is typically preceded by bizarre natural situations like the 1,000 dead blackbirds that fell from the sky over Beebe Arkansas.
When interviewed by The Associated Press, ornithologist Karen Rowe (2011) explained that “The birds showed physical trauma…[and] the flock could have been hit by lightning or high-altitude hail.”
Others suspect that “…fireworks in the area could have startled the birds from their roost and caused them to die from stress” (“More than 1000 Blackbirds Fall Out of Arkansas Sky”).

The BBC’s coverage includes a lovely image of Yard Waste, which apparently must be picked through by specialists hired to remove the dead birds.

‘Blackbird’ means ‘Gateway’ and some superstitions explain that blackbirds teach us that standing in a gateway without action are a denial of our responsibility, our power. Most fortunately for residents of Arkansas, these dead birds are unable to make nests out of discarded hair, a practice known to bring insanity to the person missing the hair.
See also: The Confused Birds of The Pale.

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