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failed attempts

Failed Attempts at Leaving the  Pale

Researchers have found no evidence of successful attempts to replicate imbroglio experienced within the pale.

astral projection. Also known as the astral travel or out of body experience, this occurs when the spirit travels outside of the body but remains within the boundaries of the pale.

attempted suicide while of unsound mind. Use of pills, weapons sharp objects, or vehicles  in an unsuccessful attempt to end one’s life.  Such shriveling of the soul  often results from disenchantment with the pale.  These lachrymose individuals, becoming ill in both body and spirit, later regain sanity.  According to one judge, “An unsound mind exists where there is an essential privation of the reasoning faculties, or where a person is incapable of understanding and acting with discretion in the ordinary affairs of life.”

Turner v. Howerton et al., no. 22689-VA, April 2, 1997

brief illness: Suicide on the obituary page, where self-murder is hardly mentioned.

go west. To die, or cross over.

magic mirrors. Used to see the future. in magical theory, the astral realm is one of seven dimensions of existence.  Mirror should be used in a darkened room with lighted candle.

necromancy. Art of divining future by raising corpses

prepared biography. A notice of a death that has not yet occurred; an Obituary. See also suicide while of unsound mind

roman candle. A parachutist whose chute doesn’t open; catapults to earth.

premenstrual syndrome. Injurious, hysterical fits in women.

spontaneous combustion. Mysterious cases in which human beings ignite while within the boundaries of the pale after experiencing conditions similar to those present before leaving the pale.

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