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The Lost Child

The Lost Child left the safety of the pale long ago in search of a not quite real rabbit and never returned.  She spent the early years within the confines of the pale escaping by daydreaming of catastrophic situations.  Highly superstitious, frozen in time and drawn to dysfunction in life, her talents include invisibility, carrying mirrors with extreme caution, and tiptoeing around landmines.  Her attraction to trinkets, hula hoops, and the accordion distract her from secret death wishes.

If The Hero leaves the pale to retrieve her, The Lost Child hides in the labyrinths beyond the pale. Constant confounding variables ingrained in the lost child’s psyche motivate her to wander beyond the pale for most of her childhood and adult life.

Lost Child avoids intimacy with humans but is always accompanied by at least one pet and is followed secretly by a panic of rabbits.

The rabbits themselves are characters (symbolic and real) living beyond the pale.  While the Lost Child initially left the pale in search of a particularly special lost rabbit, she has discovered no rabbits in her diligent search.

The Lost Child’s ability to pass unnoticed and avoid landmines is only as strong as is her connection to the role of Lost Child.  In fact, the Lost Child often displays qualities of The Hero if and when small animals (but especially the beloved rabbits) are threatened. If the Lost Child were to identify her rabbit and give chase, she would lose the defense mechanism of invisibility, and identity of hero would obscure the secret paths through labyrinths as they slipped from her memory.  If a Lost Child attempts to rescue a long ago velveteen rabbit, she will be forced to display characteristics of Hero and will immediately face great peril from the madmen, sneaks of weasels, crones, the terrible father, doppelgangers, mermaids, and even yard waste.   The rabbits, unwilling to jeopardize the Lost Child’s survival beyond the pale, remain cloaked in their panic – beyond her line of sight.

The rabbits, kings of nervous things, are her true keepers, albeit unbeknownst to her.

The rabbit is still missing. And she is still looking.

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